Ministry Education & supernatural training to fulfill your unique purpose.

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Degree Programs

Enroll in the study program that best fits your goal

Certificate Programs

1 year Fivefold ministry programs designed to train and equip Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors as well as those called to support the Fivefold ministry

Individual Courses

Our individual courses are university level courses that train and equip students to excell in their calling and purpose.
These courses presented are intended for anyone who is interested in maturing in their walk with Christ and training in the Supernatural power of God.

Introducing the Bible School

Be trained in Biblical foundations and the supernatural power of God.

Supernatural Immersive Experience:

A 1 week intensive, personalized training from the top leadership of King Jesus Ministry and KJU.


The Supernatural Immersive Experience is designed to teach and empower you to experience freedom in your life. We invite you to join our four day online event where you can connect from anywhere around the world and encounter the love and power of God.


With over 25 years of experience in bringing God’s supernatural power to all nations and lifting up thousands of leaders to do the same, we have seen millions of salvation and thousands of miracles be impacted by God’s word and power.

Common questions

KJU is open to everyone who has a calling from God to the fivefold ministry: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher (Eph 4:11). In addition, study programs have been designed for those called to the worship ministry or to support these ministries.

KJU offers courses at a cost of $65/credit for Undergraduate and $85/credit for Graduate students. Courses may be 1, 2, or 3 credits each. Bachelor degrees are between 120 and 125 credits.

You can study on campus or online

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Contact us if you need help to register.

You may fill out the admission form at any time; there are no deadlines to apply. However, in order to begin classes, you must have been previously admitted.

KJU has three 12 week trimesters per year. (Spring, Summer and Fall) You can check out our yearly calendar on to see when each trimester begins and ends.

There are twelve weeks in a trimester.

Students may enroll in courses at any time during the enrollment period, which is two weeks long and starts one week prior to the beginning of each trimester. After that all enrollments are closed

KJU has three trimesters a year, and every trimester has 12 weeks. You may complete your courses anytime within the trimester or 12 week period. Please note that you must finish before the trimester ends, by completing all homework and exams for each course on or before the last day of the trimester.

All of our online classes are pre-recorded instead of being live or in real time. This makes it easier for students to accommodate their personal schedule, and not have to worry about getting to their computer to be in class at a certain time.

Yes! We have online courses available for those that live outside of Miami, Florida.

We offer Associate, Bachelor, Masters and they are all in Ministry. The degree plan for the Associates in Ministry Program is designed to train Christian workers to fully support existing or new ministries. Anyone interested in taking a lead position such as pastor or minister, rather than a supporting position in a ministry, should complete the Bachelors in Ministry Program.

At KJU you will be trained for whichever area of ministry you feel God calling you to serve in. However, at KJU we do not send anyone out into full time ministry or ordain them. We believe that a person’s calling is given by God and cannot be based on the amount of education or training that a person receives. Also, your calling should be confirmed by those that God has placed in authority over you, such as your Pastor, etc.

At this time we do not have specialized programs. When you apply to KJU you are applying to one of the three programs that we offer (Associates, Bachelors or Masters). Within the program you choose, there will be courses that touch on every aspect of ministry.

At KJU our programs have been designed with the objective of preparing the student for Christian ministry.