School of the Pastor

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About the Program

What You’ll Learn

A 1 year online experience for people called into pastoral ministry. This program will develop the gifts needed to be a pastor, strengthen biblical truths and provide the revelation to grow as pastors that are able to represent Jesus and the church accurately according to biblical standards

Our Commitment to you

Our commitment is to provide you with the education and integral spiritual formation you need through a relevant and high-quality online degree. This Associate program is designed for those who want to further their education in an affordable way to study the Bible and be trained in practical ministry to be effective in multiple important supporting roles in a church or ministerial setting.


These are courses, each course has 10-12 classes


  • Class 1: The Law of Process
  • Class 2: Forming Biblical Character
  • Class 3: How to Have Intimate Communion with God
  • Class 4: Different Types of Prayer
  • Class 5: The Model of a Healthy Family
  • Class 6: How to Preach a Miracle Service
  • Class 7: Strategies in Administration
  • Class 8: Reasons your Ministry Needs Administration
  • Class 9: Different Leadership Styles
  • Class 1. Pastoral care
  • Class 2. The Holy Spirit is the source
  • Class 3. The Christian counselor
  • Class 4. Counseling protocol
  • Class 5. How to make wise decisions
  • Class 6. The dysfunctional family
  • Class 7. Dealing with adultery/sexual addictions
  • Class 8. Dealing with anger and domestic violence
  • Class 9. Dealing with alcohol and drug abuse
  • Class 10. Co-dependency
  • Class 11. Dealing with stress
  • Class 1. Panorama of the Old Testament I
  • Class 2. Panorama of the Old Testament II
  • Class 3. How To Study The Bible
  • Class 4. End Times and the Book of Revelation
  • Class 5. Panorama of the New Testament I
  • Class 6. Panorama of the New Testament II
  • Class 1: The need for the supernatural
  • Class 2: The Gift of Prophecy, Spirit of Prophecy, and the Office of the Prophet
  • Class 3: Evangelize with Power
  • Class 4: How to Minister Deliverance
  • Class 5: Entry Points for Demons
  • Class 6: Do’s and Dont’s of Ministering Deliverance

What Student’s Say

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do.