Degree Programs

Enroll in the study program that best fits your goal

Certificate Programs

1 year Fivefold ministry programs designed to train and equip Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors as well as those called to support the Fivefold ministry

Individual Courses

Our individual courses are university level courses that train and equip students to excell in their calling and purpose.
These courses presented are intended for anyone who is interested in maturing in their walk with Christ and training in the Supernatural power of God.

Supernatural Immersive Experience:

A 1 week intensive, personalized training from the top leadership of King Jesus Ministry and KJU.


The Supernatural Immersive Experience is designed to teach and empower you to experience freedom in your life. We invite you to join our four day online event where you can connect from anywhere around the world and encounter the love and power of God.

Introducing the Bible School

Be trained in Biblical foundations and the supernatural power of God.

Institute of the World

Equipping and training Christian pastors and leaders in every part of the world so they can take the supernatural power of God to their cities and nation.